Miniature conveyor; It is the kind of conveyor that is used in inkjet systems in light products which are mostly overhead. It can be applied to all kinds of band systems according to the usage region.
Pvc belt conveyors; In general, it is preferred to transfer all kinds of materials without any distinction between packaged product and unpacked product in a short period of time.
Inclined conveyors; It is a kind of conveyor which is preferred for lowering the product downwards. It is specially designed products to be used to transfer the products in order to prevent time loss.
Asetal belt conveyor; It can be produced in accordance with every sector. Since the single assembly is done, damaged parts can be removed and new parts can be added. The usage areas have a very wide range. The transmission organs are also used safely and safely in the open and closed semi-finished products.
Moduler belt conveyor; It can be produced in accordance with every sector. It can be produced by removing mold parts from plastic materials and new parts can be added by removing damaged parts.
They have a very wide range of applications. They can be used safely and safely in transportable organs in open, closed semi-finished products.
L elevator conveyors; Is the kind of conveyor that allows rapid transfer of the product where quota differences occur.
Roller conveyor; It is a type of conveyor that is more packaged or where large items are helped to push forward with the help of rotation of the idle rollers with the weight of the product with the pushing power. The roll selection, diameter, roller ranges vary according to the size and size of the product to be transported.
Drive roller conveyor; The movement of the rolls is carried out by the action of the motor. The chains are moved by the gears which are the transferring elements in the rolls. The rolls can be made of aluminum, steel, rubber coated or polyurethane coated according to their weight.
Z elevator conveyors; Is the kind of conveyor that allows rapid transfer of the product where quota differences occur.
Special conveyors; Are preferred transport systems in large assembly lines. They are specially designed according to every system.
What is Conveyor?
If you make a search on conveyor belt, you will get quite different contents.
First of all, when we look at the definition of the dictionary with the word meaning, the definition of "Conveyor"
As "the device that allows the load to be carried by the closed circuit operating system on the ground or at high altitude".
Conveyor name is very foreign to many people and does not make any sense to most people. However, when we refer to conveyor belt instead of conveyor nedir, people are actually a factory image and one of the typical belt system conveyors.
There are many types of known conveyors known as belt systems used by people to transport raw materials that are waiting to be processed in places such as factories, slaughterhouses and assembly workshops.
Continuous transport vehicle that is used for transporting various goods and materials.
Uses include; Transportation of luggage in airways, transportation of cereals in silos, transportation of coal and mine in mines, systems used in the transmission of machine parts in assembly production lines in factories are important. Movement of running conveyors between loading and unloading points; Gravity, human power, vibration or motor driven belts, chains and cables.
The conveyor has been a generic name given to the devices which convey the meaning of conveying, conveying and conveying the products with the specialization in the sector and the closed circuit conveying system. To put it simply, the structure formed by rotating the belt around two drums is called a conveyor. The rotating belt between the drums can be in different types like PVC, PU, ​​plastic, rubber, wire band.
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